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A Wrestling Addicted Mommy /////////////////////////////////////////// Internet, the most valuable piece of equipment in medicine Posted: 16 Sep 2015 05:12 AM PDT http://wrestlingaddictedmommy.com/2015/09/internet-the-most-valuable-piece-of-equipment-in-medicine/ Everything changes. Just look at your home town now and thirty years ago. It might seem as a short period, but in this time many changes have occurred. Some of the cities in the world were built from scratch during this time. Like everything else, many sciences have evolved in the last fifty years. Since the Industrial Revolution, people are trying to employ and exploit the machines to best of their ability. Similarly to this, the development of computers and the Internet, as well as the introduction of many medical devices, brought about many improvements in medicine. Today, all of these elements are a necessity in any hospital, clinic or pharmacy store. Furthermore, they became so intertwined and it is hard to exclude one of these elements without excluding the rest. As previously said, most of the medical procedures are being performed with the use of computers and different medical devices. So, why do we need the Internet then? Internet was created as enormous space meant to store different kinds of files and information. In big hospitals, with many different departments, it is necessary to enter the data through the Internet so that all the users can see them. For example, if you finished your shift, you need to leave all the information to your colleague from the other shift. Imagine if you started performing an operation just to realize that you are out of supplies. This system allows you to keep track of your stocks, of what is available, and what you need to order. It is a good thing that these changes impacted drugstore as well. Nowadays, online Canadian pharmacies such as the popular https://www.youdrugstore.com/do most of its business through the Internet. Similarly to hospitals, they have all the data regarding their available stock. Whenever someone orders through Internet, these online drugstores are able to send the required medication using a vast network to final consumer. This is an enormous breakthrough because sick patients can’t allow themselves to travel much. Like the medication, existing medical machines are also heavily influenced by the internet. All the machines that were ever made had only one purpose. To serve the people that built it. And when we say serve, we mean serve to its full capacity. When it comes to medical equipment, this is very important to have in mind. Unlike the machines that are used for production, when a medical machine brakes down, people die. This is why the Internet is so important for these machines. We get many notifications through it. All the machines are used up during their work. Internet gives us a heads up when we should change a malfunctioning part. If there are more hospitals within network (for example, public hospitals) we can send patient from one point to the other. This enables us to relocate patients and equally use all the equipment at our disposal. Internet made such a difference for us. It allowed us to enter a world with many possibilities. It is good that medicine started using it the right way, saving lives in the process.

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