A Wrestling Addicted Mommy /////////////////////////////////////////// CONSIDERATIONS BEFORE WHEN MOVING YOUR FAMILY ABROAD Posted: 25 May 2016 04:48 PM PDT wrestlingaddictedmommy.com/2016/05/considerations-before-when-moving-your-family-abroad/ So you want to start a new life with your family in another land? How exciting that must be for everyone! Of course, there is the pain of separation from some of your friends and family and how things are used to be, but I’m pretty sure your decision is for the greater good of everyone. And hey, the beauty in migrating is that you get to experience the joy of a new environment, a different lifestyle, and new friends you will meet along the way. Moving your family Before everything else, you need to make sure that everyone in the family has come to terms with the decision. Sit down with your children and discuss your decision to move abroad. Teens or older children in general tend to be more reluctant to leave their friends behind and will naturally have a lot of questions that you need to satisfy. Younger children should be involved and consulted throughout the moving process. Include where you will live and what type of school they will go to as well as the great locations that are near your new community. If you’re yet to finalize a location to move your family, then consider the house and land packages in Epping North. The location has thriving and established suburb that suits a wide range of budget and lifestyle. By involving your children first hand in such decisions, you can make them feel like they’re an integral part of the process and allow them to have some ownership of the new and radical direction that their lives are about to take. Prepare for necessary adjustments After you have sat down with everyone with the news and began basic planning, you should take steps to begin the process of familiarizing your family with the culture and the language of the country wherein you intend on moving. This will help give everyone – your children in particular to have a little more confidence and control in their place within the new country and also help them to adapt faster after arriving. The people you will leave behind In some cases, it’s not practical, or possible, to move your entire family abroad and you may decide to leave older children as well as other family members behind. If this is the case, take time to carefully explain your decision to move overseas to every member of the family and any adult children who chose to stay behind. Involve them as much as possible in the moving process. This will make them feel like you still value their input and presence. Communication Before you leave, you should agree with the methods by which you will continue to communicate with those family members who chose to stay behind. This will give them some security that you won’t be permanently disappearing from the lives and that you will still be available whenever they need you. Well, that’s most of it. It will also help to talk with a family counselor if you’re having problems with communicating with your family regarding the decision to move. Best of luck!

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