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August 7th 2018

Do the Math: 10 Ways to Save Money on Back-to-School Shopping

It’s the time of year to stock up on No. 2 pencils, calculators, and brand new shoes. Have your kids do the math; all those purchases add up quick.  In fact, families with children in elementary through high school plan to spend an average $684.79 …
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Her Son Inspired Her to Transform the Fashion Industry

Who she is: Mindy Scheier, mama of three, fashion industry veteran, and founder of Runway of Dreams. Why we think she’s one of the #MomsMakingWaves: She convinced an industry that “the future of fashion is inclusion.” How she did it: Mindy…
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Teachers Tell All: Here’s What They Need From You This School Year

The new school year is about to begin. But that day you send your kid off on that school bus? That doesn’t mean you get to wave goodbye to your role in their education. In fact, studies show that your teacher needs your help all year long to help y…
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Macaroni Kid Act of Kindness Day is Sept. 15

Macaroni Kid publishers strive to enrich the communities we live in, which is why publishers across the United States and Canada celebrate a Macaroni Kid Act of Kindness Day each year. It’s one of our favorite days as publishers! This year’s Macaro…
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Ask Maggie: What are the Rules for a Pre-Teen on Social Media?

Dear Maggie, My daughter is 11 and almost all of her friends are on Snapchat and Instagram. I don’t want her to be the “weird kid.” I do want her to be able to connect and share with her friends … but I also know that we need to lay some sol…
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Beyond Differences: Working to End Social Isolation Among Teens

Lili Rachel Smith’s parents knew she struggled at school with inclusion and acceptance. Their daughter was born with a craniofacial anomaly that always made her look different than her peers. “Lili suffered quietly from social isolation in middle s…
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Label It. Don’t Lose It This School Year With Stuck On You.

The anticipation was better than Christmas morning. I opened up the folder and carefully pulled out the crisp, white sheet of paper. My oldest child was finally starting school, and I had the chance to go shopping for supplies! As a first time mom, …
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Back to School Shoe Shopping Has Never Been So Easy

When my kids first started school, back to school shopping was easy. We needed a backpack and a new pair of school shoes. Just one pair of sneakers sufficed because they were all-encompassing. The same pair of sneakers was used for running around ou…
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Find The Perfect Back to School Snack With Peatos

School snacks are nothing to be laughed at. Kids look forward to them all day to enjoy and moms work to plan the perfect one for their kids and friends as they come over after a long day of learning. What are some of the ‘go-to’ choices for you and …
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Start the School Day off Right with a Smithfield Breakfast

One of the things I love about summer is the ability to have a nice leisurely breakfast. There isn’t any “morning timeline” to follow, so we find ourselves experimenting with breakfast options that take a little more time. Growing up, my parents…
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