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November 6th 2018

Why Your Family Should Start a Gratitude Jar

A gratitude jar can be a great way to encourage your children — and you! — to consider what you’re thankful for on a daily basis. It’s an easy practice that can have life-changing results, said Josie Robinson, who authored “The Gratitude Jar: A …
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Three Thanksgiving Table Decorations Your Kids Will Love to Make

Give kids an important role in planning for Thanksgiving by letting them help make the table decorations. The end result, perhaps, won’t be as perfect-looking as store-bought decorations, but they will be much more memorable! Plus the kids will feel…
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#MomsMakingWaves: New Orleans Mom’s Non-Profit Shows Kids Math Is Fun

Who she is: Tinashe Blanchet is a single mom of three, educator, teacher-trainer, speaker, entrepreneur, and creator of The Learning Laboratory, a non-profit dedicated to providing high-quality, low-cost education programs to the children of New Or…
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Macaroni Kid Meet Up 2018 in New Orleans: Let the Good Times Roll

One of the most memorable moments at the 2018 Macaroni Kid Meet Up in New Orleans was when Rich Collins, a member of the Imagination Movers, took the stage — with guitar in hand — and talked about the group’s journey from the kitchen table to a s…
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Beauty Bar Must-Haves: Win Them All!

Great beauty products can make all the difference in your morning routine, so we’ve rounded up our current favorites for adults and kids.  Read more about the products below and enter the giveaway to win them all HERE . (Valued at over $300!) F…
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Macaroni Kid: 11 Years of Helping Families Find their Family Fun

Macaroni Kid started 11 years ago when Joyce Shulman hit the publish button on her brand new website.   In the years since, Macaroni Kid has grown to 560-plus hyperlocal sites, with publishers in 42 states. We’re international too, with a handful o…
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Ask Maggie: My Child Hates School. What Can I Do?

Dear Maggie,  My child hates school. How can I get his attitude to improve? Dear Attitude Adjustment, Have you ever been to Nantucket? I’ve been there once (full disclosure … as a nanny in my yesteryears) and I remember the first greeting I…
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Macaroni Kid Wants to Know: How Do You Feel about Cannabis?

Medical, recreational, CBD … the legalization of marijuana is sweeping the nation and just last month, our neighbors to the north legalized the recreational use of marijuana throughout Canada. Good? Bad? Dangerous or no different than a glass of wi…
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My Kissing Puppy, Rollie: The Cuteness is REAL

Call me a curmudgeon, but I don’t particularly want a real puppy. Why? They shed, they chew, and they do other biologically necessary but inherently messy things that I would have to clean up after. Plus, our house and yard are small,  we already ha…
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The Parent’s Guide to the Video Games of the 2019 Holiday Season

Holiday shopping can make even the most patient of parents lose their cool, and the wide array of video games doesn’t make it any easier. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Finding the Right Games for your Family Choosing the right games for yo…
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