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October 2nd 2018

13 Family Costume Ideas for Halloween

The beginning of fall means three things … the leaves are changing, people are obsessed with all things pumpkin spice, and the discussion about family Halloween costumes can begin! Ever since my daughter’s first Halloween, I’ve been making Hallow…
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7 Tips for Creating the Most Spook-tacular Halloween Party for Kids

Want to throw a Halloween party for your kids? Something scary, but not toooo scary? We boo! We boo! We knew just who to ask for tips on creating the perfect kid-friendly Halloween party. Nicole Tomlinson is the founder of Operation Halloween , La…
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Add “Read a Spooky Book” to Your Kid’s Fall Bucket List

My two kids spent a good portion of the summer watching the Lemony Snicket series on Netflix, so when I saw the first tagline of a new book that said, “LEMONY SNICKET meets HOCUS POCUS,” I knew it was one that would hit the mark! No more debating o…
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Ask Maggie: How Do I Get My Kids to Brush Their Teeth?

Dear Maggie, Why do my kids hate brushing their teeth and how do I get them to do it without standing there in the bathroom monitoring them? Who doesn’t want clean teeth? They are almost 8 and 13. I’m especially concerned now because, with Hallo…
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OshKosh Comfy, Cozy Outfits For Fall Weather Fun

Outfitting for favorite fall activities is easy with OshKosh B’Gosh comfy, cozy styles. From hoodies, sweaters and flannels to favorite tees and jeans, it’s simple for kids to layer, mix, and match for a look that’s all their own! Heading Out to a…
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#MomsMakingWaves: She Found a Way to Help Breast Cancer Patients

Who she is:  Molly MacDonald, mom of five, journalist, breast cancer survivor, and founder of The Pink Fund. Why we think she’s one of the #MomsMakingWaves: She founded the Pink Fund, which provides non-medical financial support to women who are …
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Play! It makes you smarter!

The school year is well underway, and your kids are coming home with lists of books to read, research projects to complete, and math problems that may have you questioning your own education. And while you juggle the myriad of school “to dos,” we kn…
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Slammers Organic Perfect Back to School Lunchtime Snack

Back to school is finally here.  Although you might not hear my two boys say it, I’m thankful.  But as my oldest son grows, he is becoming more and more able to make choices for himself.  And one of those choices is about packing his own lunch.  …
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How to Help Kids Make Friends With Dogs

A kid with a fear of dogs is fated to have strange and strained interactions with unknown canines.  Why? Dogs aren’t super bright, but they are remarkably adept at reading emotions. And when dogs meet young people who fear dogs, the result can be …
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